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Cetco (Europe) Ltd
Birkenhead Road
CH44 7BU
United Kingdom
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Tel: 0151 606 5900
Fax: 0151 606 5932
Web: http://www.cetco.comGo to Cetco (Europe) Ltd web site
Email: info@cetco.co.ukEmail Cetco (Europe) Ltd
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AccoFloc, Accu-vis, Akwaseal, Aquaplug, BENTOSEAL, Bentogrout, Bentomat, Bentoseal, Bigstop, Blacksheet, Blacksheet Primer, CETcoags, CETflocs, Clay cutter, Claymax, Coreflex, De-chlor, Drill-terge, Geothermal Grout, Granular, Granules, Greenscapes, Hydraul-EZ, Hydro-Pac, Insta-Clear, Insta-Floc, Insta-Pac, Insta-VIS, LEB-CD, LiquiSorb, Macro-Fill, Organoclay, PROSHOT, PitDry, Premium Gel, Protection board, Puregold, Quick-seal, Reactive Core Mat, Rel-Pac, Shore Pac, Slurry Buster, Slurrybond, Stone Stop, Strataseal, Super gel-X, Super pac, Super thin, Suspend-IT, Swelltite, Ultraseal, Variflo, Veloxity-Pro, Versafoam, Volclay, Voldrain ICD, Volseal, Volseal 100, Volseal 300, Volseal 400, Volseal 500, Volseal 600, Volseal connect, Volseal grout, Volseal steelprime, Volsheet MB, Voltex, Voltex DS, Voltex TBF, Waterstop-RX